“One Path helped me to get my H3 visa transfer from San Francisco to Atlanta and filed me for H1B as well, which will be effective from October 1st for 3 years.

If I had any issue regarding anything in the United States, they would probably be the first to contact! This is really important because I do not know too many people here as a fresh immigrant.

I worked with a popular lawyer in San Francisco, who initially helped me to get into the States. Although both he and One Path got the job done for me, I cannot compare their level of service! One huge difference between them is that the One Path team would update me on a regular basis regarding the status of the legal procedure even if there is not really any new information and she is available for questions and concerns most of the time. And last but not least, she would always tell you exactly what your chances are for a case.

The One Path team truly looks for the best interest of the client they represent. Always be confidential and will always handle your case with care. They are very flexible and understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend the firm!”